I help the stressed and overcommitted mom over 40 find ways to fit fitness into her life so that she can build confidence, strength, and calm even in the midst of a chaotic life. Because life is too short to be constantly tired, strung out, irritated, and aching, yet always seeking perfection when it comes to committing to a fitness regime.

I’m Rachel Flanagan, and as a fellow mom, former marathoner, and recovering perfectionist, I am uniquely aware of the pressure of mom life to do it all and seem as if life is a well oiled machine. I know all too well that on any given day, between work travel, kids field trips, tending to aging parents, and the operations of daily life, fitness can fall low on the priority list.

But the reality is, fitness can be the best gift you can ever give to yourself, especially if you’re busy. Because living life strung out and exhausted isn’t the answer.

My clients are senior law firm partners, researchers, nurses, and moms of big families, just trying to fit everything in and keep the ship afloat.

They have a few other things in common: They are ALL busy women, they ALL have been taking care of everyone else in their lives, putting themselves low on the list. By the time they found me, they were are ALL ready to make a positive change for themselves.

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