Frequently Asked Questions:

You can work with me one-on-one in my garage gym in North Chatham, you can join my bootcamp, or can work with me virtually as an online client. There’s also a hybrid option if you live locally: you can come see me once a week and I will program the rest of the week for you if you want to work out in your gym or at home. For more info on programs, see here.

Well, if you’re really against it, the Friday bootcamp sessions are probably not for you. I love to run and sprint, so we do lots of hills, stairs, sprints, squat jumps, and sometimes a short run around the neighborhood. But everyone goes at their own pace, and determines what “sprint” means to them on any given Friday. Sometimes that means lightning speed and sometimes that means jogging or speed walking. As long as you’re giving it your full effort, any speed is A-OK with me.
“Working with Rachel has proved to me that short workouts can change your body. I used to think I had to run 12 miles a week or stay in the gym for at least an hour per trip to see results but working out with Rachel just twice a week has truly changed my body. Less jiggle and more definition! Who doesn’t want that?!” Blair, one-on-one client
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