What others are saying about Rachel Flanagan Fitness:

“If you’re looking for someone to help you with your fitness goals, look no further. I have been working with Rachel Flanagan for several months now to continue my strength training. She has helped push me outside of my comfort zone, ensures that correct form is always used for every exercise, and offers words of encouragement throughout our workouts”Laura, one-on-one client
“Working with Rachel has proved to me that short workouts can change your body. I used to think I had to run 12 miles a week or stay in the gym for at least an hour per trip to see results but working out with Rachel just twice a week has truly changed my body. Less jiggle and more definition! Who doesn’t want that?!” Blair, one-on-one client
“I feel Rachel is truly as invested in my progress as I am. When I text her ridiculously excited that I just performed some small feat of strength, she is genuinely excited not just for me, but WITH me. I feel she sets the bar for each work out at that perfect “just out of reach but still completely attainable if you push yourself” notch.

My favorite part about coming to the gym is leaving and NOT feeling exhausted. I also enjoy finding out what the music choice of the evening is!

The biggest change I’ve seen thus far is my energy and subsequently motivation levels. I can definitely haul around heavier items and actually pick my teenager up off the floor now, but the increased energy level still wins out and is amazing.​”Kristen R, One-on-one client

“If ​four​ months ago you told me I would be up at 6am, outside doing squat lunges and high planks, I probably would’ve laughed and rolled back over under my covers. But ​now​, every Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30am​,​ I’m up and at ​’e​m at ​b​oot ​c​amp. Now some could argue that any exercises could be done at 6am in this lovely NC weather. But it takes a special set of women AND a gifted trainer to get you out there when it’s cold, rainy, or hot and sticky! And Rachel is the Boot Camp coach for me. I went to Boot Camp seeking a regular work out that would be convenient (I walk). I have stayed because Rachel is inspiring, encouraging and challenging. I also like that no two work outs are the same but the exercises are also familiar enough that you can work on improving your form without getting bored. She also loves 80s rock and we often have really fun (I know I can hardly believe I wrote that) exercise rotations to fabulous music.​ On top of it all. the group of women who do Boot Camp have become friends and it is so great to get to know neighbors while working out​.”Meg G, 6am boot camper
“Rachel is simply amazing. She is not only a dedicated and talented trainer, but also a wonderful person. Her approach to training is effective and practical. As a busy working mom to a preschooler, I have limited time to exercise, so need to have efficient, yet challenging, workouts. That is exactly what Rachel excels in!! She understands that everyone has off days, but also makes sure to keep us motivated and sweating!! Besides her exceptional training skills, Rachel takes a vested interest in every single one of her clients and is truly a friend to each one of us. I cannot recommend her enough!!!!”Kim, 6am boot camper
“I love working out with Rachel because she gets me and gets my goals. Rachel designs workouts that produce results. I am often sweaty and tired after a session with her, but that’s not what makes it good — anyone can do that. What she does is push beyond good to great with results that are real, visible, and measurable. There isn’t a canned plan with Rachel. She has designed plans that help me achieve my goals.”Chesley, one-on-one client
“I started working with Rachel ​six​ months ago in okay shape. I was doing videos at home but noticed a friend looking amazing and was like​,​ ​”​tell me everything​!”​ ​She said, “​Rachel Flanagan fitness is where it’s at.​”​ So I emailed her and heard back right away and first class was free and walking distance from my house​. ​I was sold. Got along with Rachel right away​ — ​she is very easy to talk to. I was hooked right way and signed up for a 3 month session​ and ​went right to work. ​With ​three classes weekly​,​ ​two​ with weights and one ​with ​cardio​, ​which is what got me to run the fastest I’ve ever ran. She has transformed my body and always pushes me to the next new thing. I love going to her home gym as well for some private action where I get to do benching, chin ups and a bit more difficult ​exercises​​. Highly recommend ​her. So happy I found her.​”Trish R, 6am boot camper and one-on-one client
“I absolutely love the Rachel Flanagan Fitness morning bootcamp! It is so convenient to wake up in the morning, walk a block from my house, and get a great workout in before work. Plus, the workouts are challenging, fun and always different! Rachel provides great feedback, tips on using correct form, and is really motivational. I have also met so many great women and we always have a great time.”Kristin K, 6am boot camper
“Rachel cheerfully takes on the challenge of every age and every stage. At 68 I am becoming stronger, more limber and happier with each and every day of boot camp. I recommend Rachel Flanagan Fitness to everyone!”Stephanie P, 6am boot camper