“Mommy, why aren’t you wearing a boo-kini?”

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My five-year-old daughter Paige is the queen of asking direct questions that give me pause (and of using alternate words for regular things, like bikinis). This question came up on Saturday when we spent the day at a local pool, packed with people taking advantage of the beautiful weather and long weekend. There were lots of moms chasing slippery kids around, and most doing it in bikinis.

Hmmm. “Why aren’t I wearing a bikini?” I thought.

I told Paige that it was easier to wear a tankini at the pool because I didn’t have to put as much sunblock on. While that’s true (hello, lily white belly) it’s not the whole truth.

Friends, the deep down buried truth is  . . .  old hang ups. While I’m feeling really good these days, and more fit than I was in my 20s and 30s, I just keep skipping over the bikinis in my drawer and going straight for the tankinis. It didn’t help that a friend said to me over drinks recently, “Rachel, we’re in our 40’s. We’re too old to wear bikinis.” I just smiled, but in my head I thought, “We are?”

So as I did with the scale, this is the summer I’ve vowed to shed old hang ups. Shed old insecurities. Be brave. Pull on that boo-kini and feel good. Worry less about the way my butt looks and focus more on having fun with the kids.

So who’s with me?

If you need more inspiration, take 42 seconds and watch this tear-jerker video from Scary Mommy about moms at the beach. Or read this fantastic post from Michelle Rycroft, of Ripped by Rycroft, listing the top five things she wished someone had told her at 10 years old.

Boo-kinis for all. But with plenty of sunblock.

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