Vacation workouts: yay or nay?

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When you go on vacation, do you pack sneakers and workout clothes or are you more of a, “I am going on VACAYYYYY-TION! NO WORKOUTS FOR ME!”

I have friends who fall into both camps, and I truly don’t judge either way. One of my hard working one-on-one clients, who suffers from sleep issues, usually comes back from vacation telling me she did not workout but did get more sleep than usual. And then proceeds to KILL IT in the first workout back in my gym. To me, this told me that her body needed a break, and was able to come back restored without missing a beat. That’s a win in my book.

When I travel, I try to just get in some sort of fitness whereever I go, and try not to stress about whether or not I’ll be near a gym. If I know for a fact that I won’t be near a gym (like when I was in the hinterlands in Canada over the summer) I do, however, pack some of my portable equipment, so at the very least, I can get in a good bodyweight workout.

I spent the first few days of my holiday vacation up in New York City, where we were staying at my brother-in-law’s beautiful apartment up in Harlem. The apartment complex gym was only steps away from his apartment, and had a whole rack of dumbbells, a chin up bar, and a pretty large space. I got in a solid workout there on Christmas Eve morning, and left there feeling great.

Then on Christmas Day, we took the kids out for a walk around Harlem. It was a beautiful clear day, and I wanted to see the old architecture of Harlem, while my son wanted to go Pokemon hunting. So we first ended up in an old park, which had a beautiful set of stairs that I went up a few times and a set of monkey bars that I used for chin ups, plus there seemed to be an endless number of Pokemon to catch. Then we strolled down Convent Avenue, which has some beautiful old buildings. It was a nice family walk, and a good way to get the kids out in the fresh air for a while.

From New York, we flew to Jamaica, where we are now spending the week with my parents and my brother’s family. My brother lived in Kingston for a few years so he found a great spot for us all to stay. It’s a house and not a hotel–so no gym–so I knew my equipment would come in handy.

So on the first morning, I hooked my TRX straps up to a beautiful tree in the front yard, set out a towel on the ground, and brought out all of my resistance bands, including my hip circle, which I affectionately call the Blue Band of Terror.

And lo and behold, who should join me for my workout that first morning? MY HUSBAND PJ.

I know it doesn’t sound shocking to you guys, but PJ is old school when it comes to working out. If there’s no barbell in sight, he is not happy. He pretty much sticks to deadlifts, overhead presses, and bench, and that’s it. So for him to join me for a bodyweight/TRX workout was a first. I loved working out with him, and was even able to teach him a few new exercises.

Then on day two, my nieces joined me. My niece Sarah is a ballerina, and mainly likes to come out to use the bands to contort herself into positions that I haven’t been able to do since elementary school. She looks beautiful in her ballet positions, and I never tire of watching her.

My niece Katie is a gymnast, and is super strong. I bought her a set of TRX straps for Hanukkah (yes, I’m that aunt) because she loves to workout. I love working out with her because we’re both a little competitive, so we silently push each other in a workout. It’s awesome.

So this week, it’s been a family affair during a lot of my workouts. And I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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